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Bee Cleanse the essential honey bee food supplement

  • Bee Cleanse the essential honey bee food supplement
  • Bee Cleanse the essential honey bee food supplement


VENDOR : Nosevit
COLLECTION : Food Supplements / Nozevit /
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A balanced diet right in floral diversity is essential to the health and well being of your honey bees. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case in today's environment.

Bee Cleanse contains: A complete proprietary blend of Plant Polyphenols, Essential Oils, Amino Acids, Vitamins Minerals, Herbal Extracts, Phytonutrient Concentrates and enzymes in a ready to use product. Concentrated product is available for commercial operations. This unique formula is balanced, complete and whole!

Contains no GMO, artificial colouring, chemicals, or added animal derivatives. This product exceeds all known organic standards. Bee Cleanse is the ultimate, modern, "All-In-One" honey bee food supplement.

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