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Skeletal Hive Tool

  • Skeletal Hive Tool


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The Skeletal Hive Tool

Registered design 6014377

The skeletal hive tool was designed out of the frustration of an experienced bee keeper. There are many hive tools out there but they lack the ergonomics for comfortable use, build quality and are often awkward to reach when you need them.

The skeletal hive tool has been designed to carry out the functions that a bee keeper requires when manipulating a hive and frames offering comfort, durability and maximum effectiveness.

The tools true quality and warm ergonomic feel can only really be appreciated when the hive tool is held in the hand.

The skeletal hive tool is hand assembled and finished with a 4mm polished stainless steel. This tool comes with a leather wrist strap, allowing the beekeeper to keep the tool at hand but releasing their hands to carry on with another task.  Throughout the design of this tool material consideration was of great importance the use of quality Stainless steel gives a tool which can be disinfected / cleaned with our stocked hive wash without deterioration of materials.

Each Hive Tool is personally checked for quality before being wrapped, sealed and packaged prior to shipping. 

The item is packed in a labelled cardboard tube with endcaps.

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