Nozevit the completely organic treatment for nosema

Nozevit the completely organic treatment for nosema

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We believe that Nozevit is the best nosema treatment on the market.

For the treatment of Nosema Apis and Cerenae on honeybees.

Nozevit is an organic product made from plant polyphenols it is produced from all natural substances according to a decades old recipe. After many years of university studies and field testing to standardize Nozevit, it was introduced to European beekeepers in 2003.

Nozevit is not a medication or anti-biotic. Nozevit for the past 14 years has been a very effective treatment for nosema apis and cerenae.

Healthy bee colonies build brood faster in the spring, and will winter extremely well when their intestinal integrity is intact. Exceptional colonies can be built using all natural Nozevit as a food supplement for intestinal cleansing. 4 year shelf life. 

 Add contents to 750ml of 1-1 sugar syrup. Then apply 250ml of mixture once every four days.

Can be applied with syringe, or spray.

Always Shake well before use.

You cannot overdose with this product.