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BeeBay is a company specialising in innovative and organic bee keeping products.

Whilst bees have had a long history of health issues, never have they been more highlighted than in the last 15 years with national and international news coverage about the plight of bees and the danger to their very existence in an ever changing environment. Modern food production using pesticides, insecticides and herbicidal chemicals is making the countryside a perilous place for bees.  Beekeepers have long suffered from colony losses and have been sold many remedies that were ineffective and even dangerous to the health of their bees. 

The business philosophy of BeeBay was always to promote and sell safe and ethical products to support bee colonies, to keep them healthy and strong in their fight against the many stress factors that they face in the modern world. BeeBay has never wavered from this path and still continues to choose its business partners with great care.


We are now established as one of the leading distributors of bee health applications, feeds and supplements with a reputation for excellent reliability, customer service and a competitive pricing policy making us the ‘go to’ business for trade customers and hobbyists.

Our product range and stock are comprehensive to keep your bees in the best possible condition.    

Our ongoing philosophy is minimum hive intervention 'MHI'. As beekeepers we know the more you interfere with the hive the less productive and more distracted the bees are with a settling time of 5-7days!.

BeeBay has also become the go to company for forward thinking and innovation in the beekeeping community. We have a beautiful hand crafted hive tool, a folding hive stand that can be either a single or a double size depending upon requirements and recently we’ve unveiled our unique patented BeeBay Queen Excluder (BBQX) that enables the beekeeper to treat and feed his hives without the need to kit up, at any time of the day or night and in any weather conditions, thus enabling essential treatments to be carried out at the right time for the bees. 


We have other innovative developments in the pipeline, including the BeeBay complete MHI hive which is going through final design modifications and testing. This will make beekeeping more accessible to the novice bee keeper.

As a company we intend to keep bringing you innovative and cost effective beekeeping solutions.

Please feel free to get in touch, through our websites contact us page, with any feedback or ideas regarding our products.


Happy bee keeping from Kevin Stach, John Spink & Steve Baxter.






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