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About us

Whilst bees have had a long history of health issues, never have they been more highlighted than in the last 10 years with national and international news coverage about the plight of bees and the danger to their very existence in an ever changing environment. Efficient food production using pesticides, insecticides and herbicidal chemicals is making the countryside a perilous place for bees.  Beekeepers have long suffered from colony losses and have been sold many remedies that were ineffective and even dangerous to the health of their bees. 

So when a bee hobbyist and his entrepreneur business partner met Werner Hohl from BeeVital GmbH it seemed that there was hope for our honey making little friends. Werner is the owner of this Austrian company and was of course extolling the virtues of one of his products called HiveClean in the good health and survival of the Honey Bees. So confident was he in the product’s efficacy that he gave them a bottle to try. They tried HiveClean on their bees and gave a sample to the North Devon Branch of the Devon Beekeepers Association. The results were so impressive not only for their own bees but in all of the Associations 20+ hives that the plan to start a bee health business was hatched and implemented and subsequently Bee-Bay was set up. 

The business philosophy of Bee-Bay was always to promote and sell safe and ethical products to support bee colonies, to keep them healthy and strong in their fight against the many stress factors that they face in the modern world. Bee-Bay has never wavered from this path and still continues to choose its business partners with great care.

A contract was signed with BeeVital making Bee-Bay sole UK distributors for all BeeVital products. The range has grown with us and once tried BeeVital products sell themselves time and time again. They are Certified Organic, thoroughly researched and tested, extremely effective, can be used at any time of year, cannot be overdosed and are the most cost effective applications and feeds on the market. Not only does the beekeeper get all these benefits but the bees love it and live longer as they thrive and become more productive and less stressed. 

In 2016 HiveClean was taken off of the market and replaced with VarroMed for the treatment of varroa. VarroMed is approved right throughout Europe and is the only approved treatment against varroa for Spring, Summer and Winter. 

At Apimondia – Montpellier contact was made with the dynamic president of Nozevit, Dr Joe Carson. Needless to say Nozevit , which is an organic food supplement application for Nosema  was added to the range. Nozevit is not a medication or Antibiotic. 

We are now established as one of the leading distributors of bee health applications, feeds and supplements with a reputation for excellent reliability, customer service and a competitive pricing policy making us the ‘go to’ business for trade customers and hobbyists.

Our product range and stock are comprehensive to keep your bees in the best possible condition.