BBQX System The ultimate system designed to help beekeepers look after their bees.

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So what is the BBQX? , Well the BBQX is a queen excluder with a difference. You see the BBQX has two apertures built into the QX frame which allow the beekeeper to feed and treat their bees without talking the hive apart. With the BBQX you can use the lance supplied to treat your bees with liquid feeds and treatments at any time. The BBQX also comes with two trays which allow the easy application of treated wafers. Simply load a wafer or partial wafer into the tray and seat the tray in the BBQX aperture. Simple.

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Bee-Bay are offering you the opportunity to purchase our revolutionary BBQX Kit at the heavily discounted introductory price of £59.00, thats 25% discount. (Normally £79.00)

Each kit includes our BBQX Frame, 2 Loops, 2 Trays, 1 Lance & Syringe, Full printed instructions. All green plastic components are 3D printed to a high standard.

All models shown are our pre production 3D printed versions. Full production will include plastics injection moulded to high specification.


The patented Bee-Bay Queen Excluder (BBQX) enables the beekeeper to treat and feed his hives without the need to kit up, at any time of the day or night and in any weather conditions, thus enabling essential treatments to be carried out at the right time for the bees.

Improving their welfare, reducing parasites and diseases and increasing honey yields. Minimal disturbance of the bees. Convenient and versatile. Safe and economical.

This system will be available to purchase from late summer 2021, initially in the National” size only but soon to be followed by both the Langstroth and the Dadant.

The philosophy behind this system is one of Minimal Beehive Intervention (MBI). We believe in letting the bees in a colony to go about their business with as little interference and disturbance as possible and as close to natural conditions as those experienced by wild bees. Clearly, as an active beekeeper they cant be completely ignored and at certain times of the year, depending on external factors, they need to be treated against pests and diseases as well as given additional feed to boost colony strength and health. 

The BBQX enables those all-important and timely interventions to be carried out precisely when needed regardless of external conditions and timings, but without the need to take the hive apart and the subsequent disruption of the colony. That means that when you do need to go into the brood box for other reasons like checking for queen right, disease or brood inspection then you can make a more appropriate judgement in terms of weather, time, etc. as to when to go in without the pressure of precise treatment spacings.