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BeeVital VarroMed - The Successor to HiveClean

  • BeeVital VarroMed - The Successor to HiveClean
  • BeeVital VarroMed - The Successor to HiveClean


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VarroMed is a ready-to-use product based on a combination of natural components with the active ingredients oxalic acid and formic acid. This combination leads to increased efficacy against Varroa mites and to a better tolerance by the bees. 

The new product has been scientifically tested in the most extensive field studies with locations all over Europe with Madrid representing Continental, Maritime and Mediterranean climates. Spring, Autumn and Winter tests for climate zone each climate zone were undertaken to prove the excellent efficacy of the product. The result is a product that can be used at any critical moment through the beekeeping year and in the Varroa life-cycle. This makes VarroMed ideal for use in integrated pest management (IPM).

VarroMed is an easy to use liquid formulation that is directly applied onto the bees simplifying Varroa treatment. For the distribution in the colony VarroMed makes use of the bees own hygienic instinct - the grooming behaviour. 

Due to the nature of the ingredients VarroMed does not pose any risks to the honey production. In fact, this is reflected in the zero-day-withdrawl period of VarroMed approved by the EMA. 

Supplied in a 555ml treatment-indication bottle.

This is highly recommended with BeeVital Beestrong

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