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Wasp Catcher (Large)

  • Wasp Catcher (Large)
  • Wasp Catcher (Large)
  • Wasp Catcher (Large)


VENDOR : Stachive
COLLECTION : Tools / Maintenance

The original concept was designed by Jim Slade down at Umberleigh in Devon; a beekeeper, who consistently had problems with wasps entering his beehives.  It has been found by many beekeepers to be one of the most effective wasp catchers on the market.

The principle by which it works is very simple and effective.  The wasp catcher is loaded with a aromatic bait of attractive substances to the wasp.  The wasp enters the trap by the front slot and has to climb over a light barrier to access the bait.  Once it has had its fill of the bait the wasp will only exit into the light side (Bottle side see photo) of the trap as the dark side has the light barrier.  Simple but effective.

The product is manufactured from 3mm Birch Plywood, which has been machine cut to enable a flat pack, self-assembly design. 

The product is not supplied with the 1 litre bottle.

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