Optima the all natural Honey Bee Food Supplement

Optima the all natural Honey Bee Food Supplement

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Optima is an all natural Honey Bee Food Supplement and Feeding Stimulant.

Hive antibacterial, feeding stimulant, calms bees, and encourages hygenic behaviour. Helps draw out new comb when applied to new foundations. Helps build colony strength in spring and autumn when used as a feed.

Optima contains whole plant polyphenols  along with a complex essential oil package to help promote a healthy honey bee as well as overall hive health, vigor, productivity, and cleanliness.

Optima is a complete, complex, economical all natural product easily replacing many products currently on the market. This saves the beekeeper valuable time in product application, financial resources, and equipment requirements.

Optima is not time sensitive.

Add contents to 750ml of 1-1 sugar syrup. Then apply 250ml of mixture once every four days.

Can be applied with syringe, or spray.

Always Shake well before use.

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