Helps encourage Hygienic Behaviour when used as a spray or drench when you add Optima in your colony. It is a Food Supplement containing all natural whole plant technology polyphenols together with a proven complete essential oil package.
  • Feeding Stimulant that encourages syrup consumption.
  • Antibacterial for the bees as well as the hive components.
  • Encourages drawing out wax when sprayed on new plastic foundation.
  • Calms Bees when mixed in sugar syrup and sprayed on bees – use in place of smoker and is much better for our environment.
  • Used to help new queen acceptance - especially bees of different races.
  • Used when combining hives and swarms.
Package Bee and Queen Producers should add Optima to the canned syrup and bee candy to help insure clean healthy packaged bees and queens with greater acceptance upon arrival at final destination.
OPTIMA is a wonderful feed stimulant and food supplement for honey bees that has been tested, examined, and proven on three continents and is made of only the highest quality elements including a complete essential oil package. We use it in a spray bottle instead of a smoker throughout the entire working season. It is also used on new foundation to help encourage the bees to draw comb faster.

Application Recommendations:

Stressed – Migratory – Pollinator - Operations

Only use hive feeders where the bees will consume syrup in a timely manner as essential oils can evaporate over a period of time. Hive top can and jar feeders prevent evaporation of essential oils.

We recommend applying Optima at above concentration and frequency in the early Spring as soon as possible to help promote brood production, during summer dearth in the dry areas of the country when you would normally provide feed for your bees, and in late Autumn to help hives consume feed, get cleaned up and prepared for winter.

Only the highest quality, all natural, pharmaceutical grade components are used in the making of OPTIMA in equipment specifically designed and dedicated to the production of OPTIMA. We control all phases of production in house and absolutely guarantee product quality!

To produce a quality product that works and is made of nothing but the best ingredients takes time, dedication, clinical testing, field testing, and a highly qualified team of international Botanists, Micro Biologists, Doctors of Veterinary Medicine, Clinical PhD Scientists, Lab Assistants, Herbalists, and many, many beekeepers from all around the world. Optima is just such a product. All Natural, Clean, Effective, Economical, Environmentally Friendly, and Simple To Use.

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