Hive Cleanse, ready to use cleaner, sanitiser

Hive Cleanse, ready to use cleaner, sanitiser

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Formulated for the complete bee and honey production environments including poly hives. This ready to use cleaner sanitiser is a powerful tried and tested bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal product. 

A modern concept for beekeepers that will keep equipment, tools, hives and bee wear safe to use, hygienically clean and disease free.

Safe to use on poly hives and wood hives.

Will not degrade, stain or damage any water washable surface.

Only to be used for cleaning.

Spore forming bacterium such as Nozema, Chalkbrood and American Foulbrood are all fungicidal diseases of honey bees. Streptococcus pluton is a bacterial infection that causes European Foulbrood in honey bees. When used at the correct concentration Hive Cleanse is highly effective against moulds and yeasts. Typical pathogens such as E. Coli, Listeria, Campylobacter and Salmonella are eliminated when these concentrations are adhered to. Prevents cross contamination and the spread of disease.

  • Powerful cleanser / sanitiser
  • Bactericidal - Virucidal – Fungicidal
  • Fantastic value 
  • Specially developed for beekeepers
  • Cleans poly hives and wooden hives
  • Will not degrade poly hives
  • Can be used in pressure washers
  • Suitable for whole honey production area
  • Cleans tools and equipment
  • Stops cross contamination
  • Powerful low foam sanitiser
  • Kills germs!
  • No residue / pleasant smell 

Our recommended cleaner / sanitiser for use with the Stach Hive Tool

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