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Tools / Maintenance

Bee Care and Hive Wash the number one organic hive cleaning solution


Formulated for the complete bee and honey production environments including poly hives. This concentrated cleaner sanitiser is a powerful tried and...

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Bee Care & Hive Wash

The Stach Hive tool, the high quality hive tool, that really is an experience to use, designed for beekeepers by beekeepers, the ultimate gift for beekeepers


The Stach Hive Tool Registered design 6014377 The Stach hive tool was designed out of the frustration of an experienced bee keeper. There are many ...


Stach hive Tool

Wasp Catcher (Large)


The original concept was designed by Jim Slade down at Umberleigh in Devon; a beekeeper, who consistently had problems with wasps entering his bee...


Wasp Catcher (Large)